The Motel [November 2022] By DDfunlol

DDfunlol Games has released a new game called The Motel November 2022 version. The plot of the game is something like this. The story comes from Renderotica, without copyright and with some changes from me! A couple buys a motel at the entrance to the desert, and the hotel guests are somehow ... strange!

The husband is not an idiot, and the wife is just hot, but nothing more! The game is focused on cheating and NTR, no trading or easy sex! "male/female" "female/gay" "female/female" "interracial" "creature/female" could be more…. Dialogues have been worked on, this is soft, not hard sex!

All images and animations in HD! There may be multiple endings...

Developer: DDfunlol
File Size: 5.08 GB
Version: November 2022
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

Demo 2

  1. More transitions! “More animated movement, walking, body movement etc..”
  2. The face near the dialog box!
  3. A gallery!
  4. The gallery is still in test, you can unlock images or replay scenes!
  5. Click on the images to see them, click on REPLAY, to replay the scene!
  6. In this version, its content is just one example!

Game Images & Screenshots