Dreaming One [Demo + Prequel] By Ravioli Devioli & Tortellini Artistini

Ravioli Devioli and Tortellini Artistini Games have released a new game called Dreaming One, Demo + Prequel version. The game's story is about Dreaming One, NOT Francesca's story. Dreaming One is the story of the Cursed Island.

Francesca is the protagonist of the main story, she is absolutely the most important character, but she represents the point of view among others. The story ends with the mystery of the Cursed Island, not Francesca.

Developer: Ravioli Devioli & Tortellini Artistini
File Size: 642.6 MB
Version: Demo + Prequel
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

Demo + Prequel

  1. You will be able to play as an unnamed male character and see how Cursed Island was 500 years before the story of Francesca.
  2. You will be able to switch mid-game between the prequel and the main story, time will pass between both games. If you sleep in the prequel, night will pass in the main game too. Some items that you find in the prequel may be useful for Francesca and viceversa.
  3. All advices were listened to and lots of things got fixed in the main game. Hard to list them all. The first one that comes to mind is that the main font was changed, the fast forward button was changed to Shift, the Tab button now hides the dialogue box.
  1. New followers with peculiar weapons and skills (Herbert and the Clone)
  2. New spells that will soon change Francesca’s outfit (not yet) and can change Francesca role in battle. You can now turn people into pigs!
  3. A way to skip Ludwig’s day event with items you find in the prequel, and viceversa
  4. A bounty system
  5. The battles are now harder but Francesca can become way stronger too. Just explore around and the game will reward you with goodies.

Game Images & Screenshots