Law of Love [v0.3.1a] By Peregrine Nest Studio

Peregrine Nest Games studio has released a new game called Law of Love, version 0.3.1a. The game's plot is about The Law of Love, a visual novel for adults with point-and-click quest elements. Travel to the world of the distant future, solve mysterious crimes as a space cop, romance stunning alien women and save the Galaxy in the meantime!

Developer: Peregrine Nest Studio
File Size: 613.9 MB
Version: 0.3.1a
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:


  1. Added new quest “Who let the snake out?” (Dev note: To start this quest, you must arrest Bas during the “Special Delivery” quest and wait one in-game day.)
  2. Expended quest “Special delivery”
  3. Added 3 new characters: Victor, Mistress Dana and Dr. Elliot.
  4. Added 2 new scenes: “Prisoner Bas blowjob” and “Touching Sheriff’s tits” (Dev note: This scene is temporarily unavailable in the gallery, but works correctly in the game. Fix is on the way.)
  5. Added new locations: Funeral Parlor and Dr. Elliot’s Clinic
  6. Various bug fixes

Game Images & Screenshots