Making a Mark [v0.18.00] By Fasder

Fasder Games has released a new game called Making a Mark version 0.18.00. The game's plot follows the creation of Mark, also known as Life, about Mark, a young man who studies computer science and struggles to fit into a world of unexpected relationships, romance, and technology.

Interact and build your relationship with various characters to uncover his story piece by piece. Formerly known as "Life"

Developer: Fasder
File Size: 2.85 GB
Version: 0.18.00
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

  1. Added one full path to the ending.
  2. Added the final ending scene.
  3. Added 139 new renders.
  4. Added an end/credits screen.
  5. Updated the game window icon.
  6. Fixed a bunch of bugs.

Game Images & Screenshots