Maiden of Milk: Breast Expansion [Final v1.0] By No One

No One Games has released a new game called Maiden of Milk: Breast Expansion Final v1.0. The story of the game is about a girl who gets an unexpected visit from her grandmother. Grandma brings her some welcome cupcakes. The girl begins to discover that her breasts are growing rapidly, and her grandmother is nowhere to be found! Why are her breasts growing and how can I stop it?

Developer: No One
File Size: 18 GB
Version: Final v1.0
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

Maiden of Milk (Final) 1.0
Chapter 5 and 6

Maiden of Milk Chapter 4 BETA
Finally got it out!
You get 5 new events !

  1. Coffee Spies in Disguise
  2. Breakfast at Pash’s
  3. Grandmother Dearest
  4. Brick 1/2
  5. Horny Professor

Game Images & Screenshots