Moana: Demigod Trainer [v0.41 Public] By Shagamon Games

Shagamon Games has released a new game called Moana: Demigod Trainer version 0.41 Public. The plot of the game tells how a young traveler, having become the head of her village and saving the world, finds that she is ... bored.

Leadership is not as exciting as exploration, so she decides to go in search of the demigod Maui. She asks him to teach her how to become a demigod and he agrees, driven by his own ulterior motives. Under the guise of his teachings, she would learn much more than just the powers of a demigod—she would learn how to work her cock like a five-star whore.

Developer: Shagamon
File Size: 715 MB
Version: 0.41 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

v0.41 Public
Featured in this release, relative to the prior newest version:

  1. A new story chapter
  2. 4 new H-scenes (Two animated, One with several unique frames)
  3. 2 New Costumes in the shop

A Demigod Trainer Christmas

Game Images & Screenshots