Idol Hands 2 [Demo] By Sloth Gamer

Sloth Gamer has released a new game called Idol Hands 2, demo version. The game's story is about how your life and career as a talent manager comes crashing down as your top talent, Summer Xia, betrays you to run a huge entertainment conglomerate. She takes everything from you, leaving you with nothing.

Determined to regain your dignity as a manager, you decide to start over and find new talent to develop. Your eyes are focused on two rough diamonds, and they are very different.

Evelin Song's stunningly dignified beauty and exceptional creative talent make her an excellent candidate, but Rainie Lin's flamboyant lifestyle, trendy fashion sense, and incredibly sexy body cannot be discounted.

Unfortunately, you only have enough resources to manage one of them. The girl you didn't choose falls into the hands of your worst enemy: Summer Xia. Do your best to develop your talent and make her a star!

Developer: Sloth Gamer
File Size: 1023.7 MB
Version: Demo
OS: Windows
Languages: English

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Initial Release

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