Carnal Contract [v0.8 Ep. 8] By Dotty Diaries

Dotty Diaries Games released a new game called Carnal Contract and the version is 0.8 Ep. 8. The game’s story is about A young man from a formerly rich family who lost his father in a weird accident and is left with a major burden of debt. As a new “man of the family”, he feels responsible for taking care of the situation.

An opportunity appears in the form of a weird game that offers, good money in exchange for completing seemingly minor challenges. MC quickly realizes that is not true since challenges affect his relationships with the closest people in his life.​

Developer: Dotty Diaries
File Size: 2.67 GB
Version: 0.8 Ep. 8
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

Ep. 8 v0.8

Ep.7 v0.7

Ep.6 v0.6

  1. over 1200 new renders,
  2. 31 fresh animations
  3. The choices you make throughout will significantly influence the unfolding of episodes 7 and 8, as well as your relationships with other characters.

It’s worth revisiting some of the earlier episodes as the choices made there also ripple through subsequent episodes, including this new one. Your influence on the storyline continues to grow!

Game Images & Screenshots