Divine Miko Koyori [Final] By Circle Poison/Kagura Games

Circle Poison/Kagura Games have released a new game called Divine Miko Koyori, and it's the final version. The plot of the game tells how in the modern world, where science dominates, the new era has long abandoned mythology, and deities and monsters in the eyes of the masses are perceived as simple fairy tales.

However, deep within modern society, evil continues to lurk in the shadows, threatening the lives of mortals as it always has. In the face of such evil, exorcists, who command divine forces to counter these supernatural threats, have vowed to rid the world of monsters and evil spirits that intend to harm humanity.

Koyori, an exorcist's apprentice, is sent to a remote village for an exorcism as part of her training. However, what should have been a simple task soon escalates to unforeseen proportions when a dark conspiracy behind the entire incident begins to unfold...​

Developer: Circle Poison/Kagura
File Size: 955 MB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

2023-01-09: Added the v3.01 “IF” chapter.

Game Images & Screenshots