Panty Sniffa [v0.4] By Begul

Begul Games has released a new game called Panty Sniffa, version 0.4. The plot of the game is that you are a perverted high school student, all the panties in the school disappear one by one, and, of course, you are responsible for theft. And smelling them is your hobby... No, no!

This is your life's purpose~ And one day, a stoner girl makes a wish on a genie and sends you into a world of monsters, where you learn to survive alone with the popular girl in school. Your goal is to smell panties, but can you succeed in a world of monsters?

Developer: Begul
File Size: 1.78 GB
Version: 0.4
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:


  1. + 2 H-scene
  2. + 2 Brutal H-scene
  3. + 5 New mini H-scene
  4. + 1 New enemy(the goblin boss)
  5. + 1 New map(goblin cave)

Game Images & Screenshots