Our Life: Now & Forever [v1.3.2 Beta] By GBPatch

GBPatch Games has released a new game called Our Life: Now & Forever Version 1.3.2 beta. The story of the game is that Fall has taken up residence in a quaint town high on a mountain when the story begins. But it's not just the leaves that change.

You and your mother have left behind everything you knew before, having just entered this decrepit house in the middle of a narrow alley. It is there that a dainty paper airplane lands at your feet and takes you to an unexpected crossroads... Forge your own path in life as you grow from childhood to adulthood with your two closest neighbors.

Even in cold autumn weather, it will be a truly soulful time.

Developer: GBPatch
File Size: 796.0 MB
Version: 1.3.2 Beta
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

1.3.2 Beta
New Content:

  1. 15,500 words of new scenes: the linked opening for Walks & Wheels and the first half of Walks
  2. The Moment Screen with temporary assets
  3. And updated system for choosing what gendered terms are used
  4. Small fixes to typos/errors from the prior build

1.3.0 Beta
New Content:

  1. 14,000 words of new scenes
  2. New locations and a new music track implemented
  3. There’s now sound effects throughout all the events!
  4. Small fixes to typos/errors from the prior build

Game Images & Screenshots