Pure Fun VR [v0.3] By Purefun

Purefun Games has released a new game called Pure Fun VR version 0.3. The plot of the game is about a virtual reality simulation game for adults, taking into account physics. The character can be moved like a puppet using the VR hands into any pose you like. The toys are animated and the naughty parts are easy to see through.

Developer: Purefun
File Size: 124.5 MB
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

Update 2023-01-23:

  1. Mouth is now penetrable with toys.
  2. Genitalia responds to movement when touched by your VR hands.
  3. Cardboard box added as per request from one of our fans, you will have to find it.

Excited to announce this update V0.2.3!

Update Features Include:

  1. Welcome Brandy, we have added another model to play with that comes with her own set of toys.
  2. You can switch between the Nina and Brandy via the wrist menu or play with them both.
  3. Smother, gram, move and rotation on the models giving them weight to make them more realistic.
  4. The second model has her own set of pose spheres. We have disabled player collision with the spheres for improved game play. You can still turn the spheres on and off via the wrist menu.
  5. Better genital materials.

Game Images & Screenshots