Toiletscape [v1.1] By Spirit Louis

Spirit Louis Games has released a new game called Toiletscape version 1.1. The plot of the game is about how you wake up in someone else's cell and don't remember anything, not even your name. You find yourself in a bizarre facility where the only way to feed yourself and survive is to become some cruel woman's human toilet... will you be able to escape?

Developer: Spirit Louis
File Size: 765.0 MB
Version: 1.1
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

Final Version

New level: the Office. Different than the others, with new mechanics, and kinda harsher. It’s not possible in this version to go past test 6. Minor bug fixes from previous levels. New Toilet Slavery mechanic.

New plot advancement, new level at the cells after finishing Inn level. Minor adjustement in past events, to prepare for “memory chamber”

V0.21 Second Public Release. What’s new: A full new level (the Inn) with LOT of randomized events, new whipping scenes from the guard, and new Cornelia event at the mine, NEW forced toilet play level added. After clearing Inn Level, you will have a… friendly meeeting with one of the key character

Game Images & Screenshots