Etlina’s Principle [v0.02] By PipPoad

PipPoad Games has released a new game called Etlina's Principal, version 0.02. The game's story is a mature game for adults with VN style gameplay and a focus on the symbiote/living suit theme. Humanity has discovered a new type of living organism - a symbiotic life form called "Nox Limax", which has endowed its hosts with incredible abilities. But a year after successful human trials, something happened that seriously changed the world.

At some point, people began to turn into slimy latex-like creatures. The environment of the city and its surroundings, animals, people and fauna - everything has changed dramatically, turning the earth into a very dangerous place, similar to an alien planet with its own flora and fauna.

Developer: PipPoad
File Size: 640.4 MB
Version: 0.02
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English

Game Change Log:


  1. 130 renders
  2. music and sound effects
  3. 1 optional sex scene
  4. renders was exported from .png to .jpg format

Game Images & Screenshots