Santa ga Irutte Shinjiteru? [Final] By Waffle

Waffle Games has released a new game called Santa ga Irutte Shinjiteru? and the version is final. The story of the game tells about the main character who believed in Santa Claus just a few days ago. But when he finally learned that his parents had been buying him Christmas gifts all along, he confided in a childhood friend that he doubted the existence of Father Christmas.

His childhood friend then makes fun of him by laughing hysterically. On Christmas Eve, someone knocks on the window of the protagonist's room from outside. When he looks to see who it is, the protagonist is surprised to see a female Santa standing there. She tells him that she will give him any gift he wants.

The main character says: “I want to be the kind of man that my childhood friend will not laugh at.” The female Santa says, “Then I’ll make you a real man,” and pushes the main character onto the bed.

Developer: Waffle
File Size: 1.09 GB
Version: Final
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

v.0.1 Release

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