Love or Power [v0.2.3] By Sihirbaz_artttzz

Sihirbaz_artttzz Games has released a new game called Love or Power, version 0.2.3. The plot of the game tells how a long time ago... The countries of Grøyen and Eskium went to war. By the end of the stubborn war, Groen was weakened. Eskium will win the war. Since everything was against Groien, they developed various otherworldly spells and potions for the Eldons.

They were selected through careful childhood training and prepared for the final stage with the help of spells and potions. Despite their small numbers, the Eldons turned the tide of the war in Groien's favor. After the battle, the power of the Eldons frightened them, and they unexpectedly attacked the Eldons in a great raid. Only half a dozen Eldons survived the great raid and managed to escape.

Developer: Sihirbaz_artttzz
File Size: 481.44 MB
Version: 0.2.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

The first version was remade and the new episode.

Game Images & Screenshots