Your Story [Final] By GameLoad

Load Games has released a new game called Your Story, and its version is final. The game's plot is based on the visual novel Your Story, which takes place in a fantasy world. You will become the guide of a young half-elf girl named Leah, who is a somewhat lost girl with an unclear future.

All her life she has been helping her parents manage one of the most popular taverns in the kingdom. She will need your help to move her life forward. Your decisions will shape its narrative in various possible ways. The most important elements of a storyline are your own emotions. We want to identify even the most extreme and controversial of them.

You will experience a mixture of joy, sadness, love, regret and even horror.

Developer: Load
File Size: 1.54 GB
Version: Final
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

I just started playing the demo but I have to say it’s hard getting used to narration style. The story being told from the view of this invisible “guide” or what ever is weirdly alienating? Like being talked to like that constantly remindes me that I’m just some spectator with questionable influence on Lia’s decisions. It’s weird. I don’t know if there is some plot reason for this arrangement later on or it’s just some strange artistic choice but I don’t like it. Maybe I’ll get used to it by the end of the demo… hopefully

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