Lazy Jinni’s Cupid Work [Chp.1] BY AtomicGirl

AtomicGirl Games has released a new game called Lazy Jinni's Cupid Work Chp.1. The plot of the game is a classic comedy adventure in the point-n-click genre. This is a game about an unfortunate genie named Ginny. One day, after skipping a couple of hundred years at work, Ginny was in a hurry to watch her favorite anime.

Alas, while looking for new batteries for the TV remote control and muttering to herself, she accidentally called her boss, the charming Aphrodite-sama, an old witch. The retribution for stupidity came instantly and now Ginny has to do her amorous work on Earth, otherwise she will be forced to change jobs. Believe me, cleaning the toilets of Hades in the ninth circle of hell is not the best career opportunity.

Developer: AtomicGirl
File Size: 84.9 MB
Version: Chp.1
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:


  1. new starting location;
  2. tutorial mode with visual explanations of basic gameplay mechanics;
  3. 2 new story scenes;
  4. new art;
  5. new music;
  6. new fonts.

Game Images & Screenshots