God’s Call [v1.4.0] By Chrys

Chrys Games has released a new game called God's Call Version 1.4.0. The plot of the game is about what if you woke up in the middle of the desert without the slightest idea of ​​who you are, much less where you are? You are lost in the world and have nowhere to go. Are those you meet friends... or enemies?

Feelings of hatred, disgust and hostility engulf the land they call Asteroth. How you handle this situation is up to you. In a place where choices lead to a different destiny, will you face your fears?

Developer: Chrys
File Size: 5.71 GB
Version: 1.4.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

God’s Call 1.4.0 Update Patch Notes:Main Game:

  1. Chapter 3 [Beast Route]

(1908 Total Renders out of those 170 are Animations!)Comes included with 16 Sub Chapters

  1. 3 New Glossary Entries.
  2. New options background screen for CH3 Beast Route.
    (Pause menu)
  3. Updated & Rebalanced battle cards.
  4. 24 New Cards!
    (11 New Cards if you do not count different types Bronze/Silver etc…)
  5. 3 New Songs!
  6. New Battle Mechanic!


  1. Chapter 3 [Elven Route]
    (1601 Total Renders out of those 116 are Animations!) Added option to show love routes[At the start of the game].
    (Love Routes Walkthrough basically!)
  2. Added a background to the pause screen.
  3. Dynamic Option Screen, now changes depending on the progress of the story.
    (Changes based on save file being loaded)
  4. Added a Music Player so you can enjoy God’s Call music to the fullest!
  5. Notification system, warns you about changes in music, glossary additions, and in-game map updates!
  6. Textbox transparency is now able to be turned on!

Game Images & Screenshots