The Elders’ Betrayal – Solaria [Ch. 1-7] BY Lumifel

Lumifel Games has released a new game called The Elders’ Betrayal – Solaria Version Ch. 1-7. The game's story tells of Solaria, home of the elves who, after hundreds of years, finally welcome humanity. Lukrast and Nara, a married elf couple, were the first to welcome humans to Solarium.

Officially, he is here to promote harmony between elves and humans. But in fact he came for the magnificent elves, and Nara would be his first conquest. Something is wrong in Solaria. The darkness begins to spread, and the elves lose control of their own magic.

The arrival of one man - an anti-hero - will set in motion a chain of events that will change the face of Solaria forever.

Developer: Lumifel
File Size: 451.8 MB
Version: Ch. 1-7
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

Ch. 4-7

  1. 4 Chapters.
  2. 31 minutes of audio.
  3. 2 NSFW scenes.
  4. Lots of variables have been introduced but it should be safe to resume from the last version.

Game Images & Screenshots