Umichan Two Scoops [Final] By Vortex00

Vortex00 Games has released a new game called Umichan Two Scoops, and its version is final. The game's plot follows Maiko and Patty, who find themselves in a dead end, their boss has asked them to sell ice cream on the beach, but the boys are more interested in their bodies than the cold deserts. .

Hmmm...maybe they can offer them something else instead? Will you ask the girls to cool them down? Or “warm up” instead? It's your choice at Umichan Two Scoops! Help Maiko collect enough money for her work. She can take customers' orders for ice cream cones and prepare them, but some customers prefer something a little more "spicy" in taste.

Maiko can pamper these clients for money, ice cream ingredients, or just for fun! How will you help Maiko get paid?

Developer: Vortex00
File Size: 379.2 MB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

v0.2 Release

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