The Orc’s Tale [v0.04] By tl101

tl101 Games has released a new game called The Orc's Tale version 0.04. The game's plot is about The Orc's Tale, a game where you play as an orc explorer who lives alone in a hut and tries to find a way to generate and collect magical energy.

As you might guess, the corruption of human women will play a key role in this.

Developer: tl101
File Size: 800.2 MB
Version: 0.04
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:


  1. completely redesigned text rendering system – now I can display characters of different size/color, text with stroke, small images, clickable elements, etc. in the same line.
  2. Refactoring of rendering system as a whole, if before each part of the engine rendered as it could, now there is a single system. Added the ability to render to canvas with a transparent background, which can be redrawn only when it changes something. This is used in the menus and in the minigame. Well, and in general, all layers now work more correctly with transparency.
  3. Changed the save menu. Save files can now be renamed. Changed file order – now there can’t be an empty slot between files, but a “put a new file between these two” button has been added.
  4. Added a quest menu. To get information about current quest or switch current quest click on question mark in upper right corner. Or get a short hint by hovering your mouse over it.
  5. Implemented the first version of the navigation menu.
  6. Added the first version of the minigame “Catch Dora”. It’s a really “mini”, I’ll be improving it further. Read more in the manual in the game.
  7. Added one event and one big scene.

Game Images & Screenshots