The Hidden End [v0.2.8b] By Aedirn Studio

Aedirn Studio Games has released a new game called The Hidden End Version 0.2.8b. The plot of the game follows Dean and Willow, childhood sweethearts who decide to enroll with their childhood friends in the same university located in the idyllic coastal town of Red Beach. What seemed like the start of their new life turns into a nightmare that forces them to question their reality and shed light on repressed memories.

Someone, or rather, something manipulated them from childhood to go to this city ...

Developer: Aedirn Studio
File Size: 545.6 MB
Version: 0.2.8b
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

I’m going to go straight to the point and I’m going to tell you what this version includes:

  1. 1 event: Romantic night at the hotel
  2. 1 major event: First visit to the spa.
  3. This event has several ramifications if willow’s corruption is high the scene will be
  4. in one way and if it is low in another.

“but Aedirn why are you telling us this? it’s like always isn’t it?”.

Well… yes, but there are two details, in this event we unlock the medium corruption
for the future and second… the low corruption scene I like very much and I wanted
to underline it so you play both versions.

  1. several bugfixes and script errors fixed (I’m sure I’m missing some so please let me know)
  2. The event of the guys “smoking” in the room now has differences depending on whether Angus picks up the crystal or not.
  3. speaking of angus taking the crystal, if we decide to take it from willow’s friend, we will now have a little “surprise” before going to the room with the boys, which will give us clues about the future.
  4. The non-erotic part of the story keeps moving forward! Where will all this scary shit lead us to? I guess we’ll find out in due time….
  5. Retouched some images from previous events to improve the quality.
  6. ncluded some extra songs to improve the sound.
  7. created more than 20 npc’s to create the open world (sorry but this is not available yet… it will be in the next version!)

Game Images & Screenshots