The Dragonspire [v0.1.6 Public] By Lancastle

Lancastle Games has released a new game called The Dragonspire version 0.1.6 Public. The game's plot is about Welcome to the Dragonspire Realm... You play as a guy named Steven (default name), the head of security in the realm.

The action takes place in dark fantasy, but in the modern world, including; scandals, corruption, death, difficult choices, character development, the world changes depending on the choices, but most importantly, the romance that you can develop as the story progresses.

The choices you make will determine the outcome of the story and the direction it will take.

Developer: Lancastle
File Size: 3.67 GB
Version: 0.1.6 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:


  1. New items and features…
  2. Pixie: She will be a new clickable object on screen.
  3. Dates: You are given a choice of 5 dates. Sasha, Svarin, Hailie, Cassandra, or Mindy. You must be on their path by the end of the Premier to have them be a choice. You could also lose a path or the date option, if you choose to increase your corruption instead.
  4. Phone: I have redesigned the phone. The Profiles/Stat’s page has been redone. This will now tell you your..
  5. Status (Single, Throuple, or In a Relationship).
  6. Path will show you what girl(s) you are on path with.
  7. Corruption amount.

Game Images & Screenshots