Super Hero! Flash Fist [Final] By D.Ward, Sloth Gamer

D. Ward, Sloth Games have released a new game called Super Hero! Flash Fist and the version is final. The plot of the game is about the year 2040. Monsters have invaded the earth through cracks in space-time. The mysterious energy seeping through the cracks has also given some people supernatural powers. These people, now called "Superheroes", work together with the authorities to counter this interdimensional threat.

Play as Flash Fist in this turn-based combat RPG. Fight monsters and maintain peace! Resist powerful and obscene monster attacks! Serve guests at your local futa bar, Lily Blossom, between fights. Delight your needy futa clients with your special services!

Developer: D.Ward, Sloth Gamer
File Size: 225.0 MB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English

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