SuccuSeka: Resist Succubus Temptation [Final] By MediBang

MediBang Games has released a new game called SuccuSeka: Resist Succubus Temptation and its version is final. The game's story is a visual novel about a succubus with multiple endings. You can play bonus story content in the form of "Another Story" on the title screen, and in the Global Deluxe version you can also play a "Special Story".

We developed this new kind of visual novel about a succubus based on three concepts. Concept 1: Thrilling heroic fantasy with erotic succubus elements! Enjoy a story where two threads are intertwined: one is a thrilling heroic fantasy in which you save the world, and the other is an inevitable erotic twist in which succubi dominate you and teach you the ways of pleasure.

Developer: MediBang
File Size: 2.18 GB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

v0.1 Release

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