Succubus Academia [Final] By SQDT

SQDT Games has released a new game called Succubus Academia, Final Version. The plot of the game is about how, with the appearance of seductive succubi, the academy turns into another world. Without the means to fight sexual demons, all people can do is “satisfy” them so they will go away sooner.

However, to satisfy a succubus, you need to be squeezed out with sperm... to death. And so you have been chosen as the victim to restore peace to the school by satisfying these lustful demons.

Developer: SQDT
File Size: 2.70 GB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

Additional Contents

  1. New scenario “The Thousand Faced Fox And The Telecommuting Priestess”
  2. About 20 new characters
  3. 25 sex scenes (5 of them are fully animated)
  4. 236 new CGs including differences, 207 new animations.
  5. 9 new musics
  6. New “Thoughtography” system
  7. Male characters’ face graphics
  8. Tweaks to the game system

Game Images & Screenshots