Road of a Goddess [v1.2.2] By Matpneumatos

Matpneumatos Games has released a new game called Road of a Goddess Version 1.2.2. The game's plot is a parallel project to Las Diosas, set in the same world where women can use their sexuality to gain immense power and become a sexy warrior. This is a 3D version of the story and will show the exploration. 3D locations, role-playing game elements, side quests and activities, as well as combat and a lot of sexual content.

You take control of two girls, Jacqueline and Ana. Jacqueline has just heard that her grandmother has passed away and she has left her the old family farm. She and her friend Ana will then go on an adventure in a world where powerful groups and governments want to destroy the remaining sexual warriors, working on their new farm and fighting hordes of enemies using their sexual powers.

Developer: Matpneumatos
File Size: 647 MB
Version: 1.2.2
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:


  1. Added new plot missions, game completed plotwise.
  2. New playable character Luz available during the final mission.

Game Images & Screenshots