Our Red String [Ch. 12 Alpha] by Eva Kiss

Eva Kiss Games has released a new game called Red String Version Ch. 12 Alpha. The game's story tells the story of Lena and Yan, two very different people who find themselves at a very similar point in their lives. Both are struggling to achieve their dreams, both are suffering because of love.

Their lives will intertwine with each other and with several characters, affecting who they are and who they will become.

Developer: Eva Kiss
File Size: 770.8 MB
Version: Ch. 12 Alpha
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

Chapter 11 Final
The complete iteration of this release is finally here. It took a while since I’ve been ironing out some obscure narrative bugs (BloodyMAres help is being invaluable in this task), and I’ve also added new music. Lena’s second song, “Shine Again”, has been fully realized with an original composition and lyrics, so if you got the mini-game choices right, you’ll be able to listen to it during the concert scene in Chapter 8 , but I’ve also attached the mp3 file in this post so you can check it out right away! I’ve also added two new narrative scenes that weren’t present in the Beta, nothing major, but it sheds light on a new plot point in the Seymour route as well as detail a bit more of Ian and Lena’s relationship.

Ch. 11 Prologue

  1. lena x Ian
  2. lena x louise
  3. gillians return

v10.0 Final
It includes the new Minerva scene, featuring 8 new full screen illustrations and 1 animation, 1 new outfit for Minerva and about +1500 new lines of code to the script, plus some tweaks, enhancements and solving the reported bugs. More info the the other post!

Game Images & Screenshots