One Lie [v0.8] By Wooden Donkeys

Wooden Donkeys Games has released a new game called One Lie, version 0.7. The game's story is about two lifelong friends. Julie (you will have the option to give her a different name.) makes a mistake that causes Mike (you'll play as him and have the opportunity to say his name) to end their friendship and leave the town they've lived in all their lives.

Julie can't let it end this way because she loves him. She decides to chase him in the hope that he will at least forgive her for her mistake, and maybe more. You, like Mike, will have to figure out how you feel about Julie.

Developer: Wooden Donkeys
File Size: 911.2 MB
Version: 0.8
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

v. 0.7

  1. Added chapter 5 content ONLY for Julie’s solo route. No other route receives any content.
  2. 369 images
  3. 2 gallery images
  4. 0 animations
  5. ~6800 words.


  1. This is only an FC (Julie) solo routes update.
  2. 613 renders,
  3. 16 animations,
  4. 2 gallery images,
  5. 10 sex scenes (not all are animated),
  6. And around 12000 words.

Game Images & Screenshots