Occultus: DoD [Ch.8 R2] By BC

BC Games has released a new game called Occultus: DoD, Ch.8 P2. The game's plot is dedicated to Occultus: Daughter of Darkness - a noir-style detective story with supernatural elements. Join private detective Jane Malady on her search for a missing woman that will draw her into the dark underworld of L. A place where cults and monsters reign supreme.

Developer: BC
File Size: 2.99 GB
Version: Ch.8 R2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

CH.8 R2

  1. 503 new images
  2. over 10,000 words
  3. Major romance choice
  4. Grammar and spelling fixes

Revision 2 –
More grammar and spelling fixes

Game Images & Screenshots