My wife and I ~Shipwrecked on a Desert Island [Final] By odenslime

odenslime Games has released a new game called "My Wife and Me ~Shipwreck on a Desert Island" and its version is final. The game's plot tells the story of Ryo Kishida and his wife Yuka returning to their hometown by ferry. Unfortunately, sudden tragedy strikes when the ferry gets into an accident, leaving them and their companions stranded on a desert island.

To survive, they will have to adapt to life on the island and plan an escape, while ensuring the safety of the wounded and other passengers who cannot cope on their own. Meanwhile, some unsavory passengers also find themselves stranded on the now male-dominated island.

Taking advantage of the lawlessness, they use every possible trick to get close to Yuka. Will Yuka be able to protect her family and find a way to get off the island?

Developer: odenslime
File Size: 675.3 MB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

v 0.2 Release

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