Life in Woodchester [v0.11.4] By Dirty Sock Games

Dirty Sock Games have released a new game called Life in Woodchester, version 0.11.4. The game's storyline is that it is a high quality adult visual novel, dating sim and adventure game developed by Dirty Sock Games!

Developer: Dirty Sock Games
File Size: 520 MB
Version: 0.11.4
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

Gameplay Features

  1. NEW Character Fiona Leprechaun’s aren’t real… are they?
  2. NEW Fiona Storyline Find Fiona’s lost runes!
  3. Gallery Reworked You now have a gallery save file. To unlock scenes, simply get to the most recent chapter for each character. (You can load your previous save files and it will instantly sync)
  4. Added Lily, Cass, Molly Gallery Scenes Along with controllable animations & expressions.
  5. Bugfixes:
  6. Prevented double tapping (which is considered a right click) from hiding the dialogue on mobile devices.
  7. Cleaned up positioning on Tara 1-0
  8. Cleaned up BG on Janice 1-1
  9. Cleaned up Expressions on Lily 1-0
  10. Fixed Lily HJ, a few faces being blank
  11. Fixed Tara Boob Grab CG in Gallery, it was offset
  12. Fixed Tara Jerk CG in Gallery, it was offset
  13. Fixed array issue with saving the new runes.
  1. 10.1 – 4/25 – Fixed old save files not accessing current lily event properly.
  2. 10.2 – 4/26 – Fixed intel mac not included in architecture.
  3. 10.3 – 4/26 – Fixed Lily event 24 issues.

Gameplay Features

  1. NEW Lily, Cass, Molly Storyline Over 25+ new scenes of storyline content!
  2. Several New CGs Again, lots of animated, emotive animated CGs, as you’ve come to expect! A lot of love this time around in detailing.
  3. Several New Character Poses From lifting shirts to cuddling, we’ve got new character poses!
  4. NEW Purple House New Backgrounds and area.
  5. NEW Translation Support You can now enjoy LIW in over 120 languages! All with the help of VN Translator. (Currently PC Only.)
  6. NEW Number pad Lock Mini Game Sure to bring you fun and frustration and the feeling of being a hackerman.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed Names & Relations not saving
  2. Fixed working at night despite no energy left.
  3. Fixed Relations sometimes not displaying correctly sometimes
  4. Cass’s name sometimes not displaying correctly sometimes
  5. Fixed MCs name not displaying correctly sometimes
  6. And much more!

Game Images & Screenshots