Katie’s Diary [Ch. 4] By Skylar Reign

Skylar Reign Games has released a new game called Katie's Diary, Ch.4 . The story of the game tells the story of "Katie's Diary" - a game about love, lust and passion. It follows Katie as she makes a choice that will change her life forever.

In her diary entries, readers will discover Katie's innermost thoughts and feelings. What will you write in her diary? The goal of this game is to provide you with a rich and branching storyline, compelling characters, and greater freedom with meaningful choices. And many more passionate scenes and scenarios!

Developer: Skylar Reign
File Size: 117.4 MB
Version: Ch. 4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

Chapter Four Changelog.

  1. 20k+ Words.
  2. 289 New Passages.
  3. 35 Images.
  4. 10 Scenes.
    1. TomxKatie (Love Route).
    2. TomxKatie (Pimp Route).
    3. EvelynxKatie.
    4. NoraxWoman (Voyeur).
    5. Katie Masturbation.
    6. AndrexKatie (Love route).
    7. OnlySnaps Andre (Pimp Route).
    8. AndrexJamar (Pimp Route).
    9. OnlySnaps Photoshoot (Violet).
    10. VioletxKatie OnlySnaps.
  5. 22 Diary Entries (Chapter Endings).
  6. Extras
    1. VioletxJamar
  7. Credit List Updated.
  8. UI Font Updated.

Chapter Three Changelog :

  1. 18k+ Words.
  2. 224 New Passages.
  3. 39 Images.
  4. 7 Scenes.
    1. TomxKatie (Love Route).
    2. TomxKatie (Pimp Route).
    3. NoraxKatie.
    4. AndrexKatie Sexting (Love route).
    5. AndrexKatie OnlySnaps Request (Pimp route).
    6. VioletxKatie.
    7. OnlySnaps Photoshoot (Violet).
  5. Added Extras Section. These scenes expand the world of Katie’s Diary, naughty scenes from other female characters’ perspectives.
    1. VioletxAndre
  6. 16 Diary Entries (Chapter Endings).
  7. Image stylization overhaul.
  8. Compressed Images (Which is why the smaller file size).
  9. Credit List Updated.
  10. Fixed typos and other issues.

Game Images & Screenshots