I Had a Beautiful Time Remastered  [v0.0.1] By Izumii

Izumii Games has released a new game called I Had a Beautiful Time Remastered Version 0.0.1. The plot of the game is that in this game you will become the main character (this is Dev). Go through his beautiful love stories with other characters, eventually getting to know their current lives.

But because the game is based on real events that Dev experienced as a teenager. Consider your choices carefully: your choices affect the ending and future gameplay. But don't worry: the stories have been changed and rewritten to suit everyone.

Developer: Izumii
File Size: 374.1 MB
Version: 0.0.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

v0.0.1 Re

  1. 450+ images.
  2. 2000+ lines of codes.
  3. 11 total background music and SFX.
  4. Main story progress change.
  5. Hana, Yuki progress.
  6. Add: 3+ special image Gallery.
  7. Update: Bio + Gallery.


  1. 1045+ images.
  2. 4752+ line of codes.
  3. 24 total new background music and SFX.
  4. Add : 10+ special image Gallery.
  5. Add : 4 character Bio + Gallery.
  6. New change : Main Menu.
  7. New change : Gallery Menu.

Initial Release

Game Images & Screenshots