Holy Mother of God [v1.1_MOD1] By Studio Sirocco

Studio Sirocco Games released a new game called Holy Mother of God and the version is 1.1_MOD1. The game’s story is about This work is set before the first installment, Bewitching Sword. The protagonist is Anna (Rose’s mother). She has never been intimate with any man other than her husband, Yoakim, whom she loves.

However, her overly kind personality, which she herself doesn’t worry about, can lead to dangerous situations… Yoakim (husband) is skilled with a sword, tall, and handsome. He appears to be a perfect husband, but if there is one area of dissatisfaction, it’s… his little sword.​

Developer: Studio Sirocco
File Size: 549.7 MB
Version: 1.1_MOD1
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

Version 1.1_MOD1:

  1. Translated the game files to English.
  2. Translated 2 images to English.
  3. Fixed some typos in the original.
  4. Translated the readme.txt file.
  5. Disabled the title text on image, since the title image already contains the game title.
  6. Added the game title and other info to the game window title bar.
  7. Only English table is displayed when writing Takayuki and Gouda’s names.
  8. Fixed a bug where the character dissapears after entering the meeting hall.
  9. Don’t go into the meeting hall after entering Lizelta city for the first time. Accomplish the mission.
  10. Fixed a bug where the player can’t go back once they cross the river.

Game Images & Screenshots