Futaland [v3-0.1 Public] By Mord

Mord Games has released a new game called Futaland version 3-0.1 Public. The plot of the game is the main story of your revenge. When you were a little boy, your parents were killed, and when you grow up, you want to destroy the company that killed your parents. To do this you will have to turn into a woman.

A different quest requires a different body, so you will keep changing your body and your mind. Nios is a new text editor/writer. He begins to improve the texts in the game.

Developer: Mord
File Size: 2.32 GB
Version: 3-0.1 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

v3-0.1 Public
Early test:

  1. Remade the game with Renpy engine
  2. Added the mansion
  3. Added the lab
  4. Added the mall (pc shop, clothes shop, shoes shop)
  5. Added the park with gloryhole
  6. Added a nightclub
  7. Added a corner shop

Game Images & Screenshots