Divine Dawn [v0.28] By Cryswar

Cryswar Games has released a new game called Divine Dawn, version 0.28. The game's plot is about an adult role-playing game in which you play the role of a would-be hero with dreams of greatness and no chance of achieving any of them in a peaceful world without real threats of genocide.

Then you'll nearly die multiple times in a row, discover traces of an ancient secret and (possibly) impending doom, and embark on a journey with a colorful cast of companions to save the world! May be. Before we get to that point, you'll have to deal with a lot of combat, therapy, adventure, and monster girls.

Luckily, you'll usually have a partner on your side to help you through fights and offer witty(?) banter (?). But only you can decide whether to trade your humanity for the power you need - otherworldly energies offer much, but will change your body over time.

Developer: Cryswar
File Size: 346 MB
Version: 0.28
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:


  1. A massive combi-scene covering your return to the knight camp after the Deepwoods finale, with some significant plot development and some major callbacks to previous major choices. Also includes Ina being thirstier than usual, which is a feat in and of itself.
  2. Aspasia 12 and 14 affection scenes, pushing further into friendship and romance with the starstruck slime. Like, astronomy stars, not a metaphor for romance.
  3. Sarah 10 trust gets moving on her own Rocky training montage, which is unsurprisingly less violent than Ashley’s. Slightly more messed up tho.
  4. Metatron 10 trust finally starts delving into Metatron’s own martial art, as well as more trauma. That’s gonna be a recurring theme.
  5. Ashley affection 12 is mostly really wholesome, with a side dish of PTSD. She’s a good girl. Might purr if you pet her.
  6. Greatsword rework; 4 new traits, a few new support abilities, and several new elemental skills. It’s still probably not as busted as Greataxe, but way safer and plays more into the unstoppable juggernaut vibe.
  7. Some new music; Selendis and Ina each get their own themes!
  8. A new knight, with art from alhazart. Same guy who did Kuril, Kandros, Svyatibor, etc.

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