Collars Rebirth [ Core 0.3.43] By Nekomatic

Nekomatic Games has released a new game called Collars Rebirth, Core 0 version.3.43. The game's plot is about you rebuilding your life after being kicked out by your overprotective and prude mother. You play as Lucas/Lucy, the grandson of the famous pervert and deviant Izuna Kimura.

Little is known about your origins, the city, or even the mysterious collars you deal with early in the game. Go through life in the city where your mother abandoned you, and defy her attempts to rid you of the depraved desires that your grandmother passed on to you.

Guard innocent townsfolk and turn them into your mindless sex toys, win the heart of one special NPC and settle down on the right path, or fight and rape the savage anthropo-dwellers. The choice is ultimately yours.

Developer: Nekomatic
File Size: 773 MB
Version: Core 0.3.43
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

Core 0.3.43
Major Additions

  1. Masturbation Script redone
  2. Toy’ subscript added! (Currently only Hollys Panties can be used, more items will be added)
  3. Panties, Dildos, etc can be used if in inventory when such items are fleshed out in the game.
  4. Prompts player if they want to use ‘an item’ when starting masturbation scene if they have atleast one.
  6. NEW NPC: Holly
  7. Scene triggers Winter 24, at 6pm or later while entering your house. MUST USE FRONT DOOR.
  8. Special ‘present’ under the tree appears the next day if you have sex with her

Core 0.3.33

**Minor Additions**

  1. Additional fixes applied to the ‘update’ cellphone feature.
  2. Meeting Akane prior to the addition of the NPC debug room and it still being locked should be remedied with use.
  3. Kariks facial expression pack altered for balance.
  4. Extra expression files added
  5. Extra clothes added to the Dreamy Pines Inn map in case of in-battle stripping.

Game Images & Screenshots