Chocolate Flavored Love [v0.2] By PsianDiameter

PsianDiameter Games has released a new game called Chocolate Flavored Love, version 0.2. The story of the game is about you playing as a graphic designer who lives a truly isolated and isolated life, unsatisfied with his life as he feels like he has nothing to look forward to. until one day your boss called you and forced you to live with a new employee who had joined the company.

Developer: PsianDiameter
File Size: 350 MB
Version: 0.2
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English

Game Change Log:


  1. Added 100+ Lines
  2. 60+ Renders (Including Small expression changes)

0.1r Reworked the game to not be a sprite based experience

  1. 400+ Lines
  2. 100+ Renders (Including Small expression changes)
  1. 300+ Lines of dialogue
  2. 7 Renders

Game Images & Screenshots