Bright Lord [Phase2 v0.9 Part3] By KissKiss Studio

KissKiss Studio Games has released a new game called Bright Lord, version Phase2 v0.9 Part 3. The plot of the game is an erotic horror game for adults in which you become a servant of the Bright Lords. Will you allow him to completely take over your mind or will you battle his will in a struggle for power and revenge?

Developer: KissKiss Studio
File Size: 4.20 GB
Version: Phase2 v0.9 Part3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

v0.9 Part 3

  1. Added around 450 images
  2. Added 13 animations

NOTICE: The version was only proofread by one person, might be some grammar mistakes. Tomorrow I will fix all the found bugs.

Phase 2 v.0.9 Part 2

  1. Added around 200 renders.
  2. Added 9 animations.


The versions were quite confusing. Now numbers(0.9) will represent the current episode. And it will show which part has been released. Most of the updates will be splitted into 3 parts.
Fixed some scene repeating.
Fixed some grammar mistakes and faulty renders.

The landlady is still missing her pubes in her sex scene.
Grammar mistakes are still there

v0.6c Elite

  1. fixed gallery

Game Images & Screenshots