Adventures of Willy D [v1.1.0] By Nenad Asanovic

Nenad Asanovic Games has released a new game called Adventures of Willy D v1.1.0. The plot of the game tells about the adventures of Willie D. is a point and click adventure game. If I compared the game, the most similar would probably be Broken Sword, but with adult content.

Everything in the game is animated, so it's not the type of graphic novel where you just see pictures or animation only in certain situations. Even when the character is just standing, you can see his breath.

Developer: Nenad Asanovic
File Size: 22GB
Version: 1.1.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

**Version 1.1.0**

  1. After scene with princess (end of game) speak with diane and Maria in Lady Gloria’s garden and tell them they look sexy. They will want to have sex with you but Diane will want to try Royal cream. go to palace and speak with princess and ask her for cream. Go back to Maria and Diane and give them cream then have fun with them.
  2. In Claudia’s living room on chair where Mia was sitting read Claudia’s diary. Willy won’t understand her “code” so bring the diary to Claudia’s sister Yvonne in Erohide. She will be a bit mad that you read her sister diaray, but Will also tell you that you could ask Claudia about her dream, since you had 3 some with her anyway. Speak with Claudia in plat room to reveal her dream about you and Neal 3 some and how she imagined it before it happen.
  3. all girls in gold room now have all animations that were planed so check all those.
  4. All girls in plat room now have cum animations, some of them have more then one. daisy for example have MMF cum along with solo sum. Some have few different solo cums as well.
  5. Dee Dee have MMF with Neal (Neal has to be in plat room as well)

Game Images & Screenshots