Adventurer Trainer [v0.1.9a] By PastryIRL

PastryIRL Games has released a new game called Adventurer Trainer, version 0.1.9a. The game's plot is a free, non-commercial fan porn parody of a dating sim/visual novel with RPG elements, set in a fictional universe based on Konosuba and other games.

You will meet familiar characters, go on exciting adventures, solve riddles and much more!

Developer: PastryIRL
File Size: 1.92 GB
Version: 0.1.9a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

Minor changes:
The XRay event now has a “End early” button

  1. Fixes:
  2. The XRay event now fully resets when replayed using cheats to avoid softlocking.
  3. Fixed an issue with decreasing boost levels when an ability/weapon is not selected
  4. Fixed a bug that duplicated some status effects upon using Cure
  5. Fixed an issue that could result in an uncaught exception when getting certain status effects
  6. Fixed a bug that allowed stacking the Barrier effect
  7. Fixed a bug that could result in a crash when using Megumin’s Meditate
  8. Fixed an issue that could result in Megumin resisting her own Meditate effect. lmao
  9. Fixed an issue with Rin’s Magic Missile targeting only one enemy on touchscreen
  10. Removed Boon Upgrader and Quest Items from the cheat menu to avoid issues
  11. Fixed an issue that could result in an uncaught exception when selecting a region on the map
  12. Fixed the unintentionally high debuff resist on all heroes
  13. Fixed an issue with a piece of Darkness’ dialogue not properly checking whether she’s been romanced
  14. Fixed an issue with leaving dungeons early that could mark them as completed
  15. Minor spelling fixes

Game Images & Screenshots