A Robin’s Flight [Chapter 2] By Aaron A. Aaronsen

Aaron A. Aaronsen Games has released a new game called A Robin's Flight, version - Chapter 2. The game's story tells how a young woman's past forced her to gather a group of criminals and misfits: the bandit Fera, the slave Mara, the magician Ugnor, the thief Whisper and the mercenary Elamir.

With sword and shield they rob caravans heading to port cities, and with cloak and dagger they plot to overthrow the rulers of the province.

Developer: Aaron A. Aaronsen
File Size: 4.37 GB
Version: Chapter 2
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

Chapter 2 2023-01-10 Corrosive Cucumber

  1. quality of life changes
  2. bugfixes
  3. added upgrade system for mercenaries
  4. simplification of combat system

Game Images & Screenshots