A Long Journey [v0.8.1] By Marvellous Lunatic

Marvelous Lunatic Games have released a new game called A Long Journey, version 0.8.1. The plot of the game tells that the year is 2048. Human life on Earth continues to follow a downward spiral. People live in dangerous, cramped cities as the environment around them degrades.

With the support of government forces, the giant corporation Hawkink Tech completed the construction of the first colonial ships and sent them to distant inhabited planets.

Developer: Marvellous Lunatic
File Size: 2.14 GB
Version: 0.8.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

~ 1500 rendered and edited images

  1. 12 animations
  2. 9 high res vertical scroll images
  3. 4 high res secrets
  4. 28 SFX
  5. 1 Scene replay


  1. Option to filter onomatopoeia (written sounds)


  1. Fixed female voice handling (You might need to set it on more time after starting the game)

Important for Android

  1. If you get the “App not installed” error you need to uninstall the old version. BEFORE you probably need to backup your user data. It should be located here:
  2. Drive Space:/Android/data/com.MarvellousLunatic.ALongJourney/files/userData
  3. After installing you need to paste it there again. I haven’t had the time to investigate it further at the moment but I’ll pick it up again and check why it can’t be replaced like the last times.

Game Images & Screenshots