A Ghostly Desire [v0.7 Alpha] By Sitho

Sitho Games has released a new game called A Ghostly Desire, version 0.7 Alpha. The game's plot follows the player as you take on the role of "Mark" and enter his life as he returns from a three-month trip. There is a main story that leads the player through the game world to gradually "unlock" other characters' "town" or "locations".

Starting from his home, he gradually gets acquainted with new characters or gets acquainted with already known characters. (full linear gameplay) Various quests can be completed with or for them to experience sexual interactions or imagine sexual fantasies. It all starts with his penchant for voyeurism.

(Voyeurism(!) does NOT mean NTR) Each individual character has their own “story” with “MS”! (also some locations have/will have their own quest lines)

Developer: Sitho
File Size: 1.43 GB
Version: 0.7 Alpha
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

– 2023-
–> [Release] A ghostly desire – Alpha 0.6 – 02Feb23
Update [24] – 21Jan23

Game Images & Screenshots