5 Days of Separation After Story [Final] By SORAUE

SORAUE Games has released a new game called 5 Days of Separation After Story, and its version is final. The plot of the game is about the continuation of the original game “5 Days of Separation”. What happened after her husband caught her cheating at the hot springs?

Perverted Desires A husband takes his wife to the hot springs after realizing he has a cuckold fetish. He agrees to allow a man named Endo to be left alone with his wife, all so that he can observe what is happening. Just the thought of them being alone gives him chills. By the end of five days, his once anxious wife is moaning heavily from copulation.

However, after this Endou makes a shocking proposal... “How about we have a competition? If I win, Rin will divorce you and become mine..."

Developer: SORAUE
File Size: 477 MB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English

Game Change Log:

v.0.1 Release

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